Ductless Fume Hoods


Case Study Overview

WMR met with the client to discuss remote manufacturing for their lighting elements. Our Advanced Manufacturing division Lead reviewed their in house production to learn and document step by step the complete process. Our in house team then created photo documentation of each step for training purposes.

WMR received the first shipments of component materials and began production in April of 2015. Each unit produced underwent a stringent 7 point  visual inspection before it left our factory. Once the finished units were delivered to the client they underwent another inspection and then operational testing to ensure they passed the client’s rigid standards.

Today, WMR continues to produce lighting fixtures and is in discussion with the client to add more sub-assemblies to our manufacturing relationship. The WMR Purchasing Department is currently working to use our volume leverage to source component elements that meeting the client quality standards and further lower production costs.

The Client is a manufacturer of ductless fume hoods and laminar flow hoods for the pharmaceutical, research, and manufacturing industries. The client wanted to lower production costs and still keep their production local.

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