Partner with WMR for all of your Assembly, Packaging & Fulfillment needs

We are a complete turnkey logistics and supply chain solutions provider.

WMR simplifies product logistics for your clients.  From DTC drop ship to whole truckloads, we handle all aspects of domestic and international product logistics for your clients; including managing vendor portals and receiving EDI transactions for all major online, TV, and retail outlets.

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WMR is skilled in electrical assembly, fitting and mechanical assembly, sub-assembly production, and quality control inspection.

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WMR manages over 100,000 square feet of warehouse space for storage, shipping, fulfillment, forwarding, and reverse logistics.

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WMR works with the other three divisions to provide end-to-end seamless recovery of value from returned merchandise. We then inspect reconditions and repackages returned merchandise to be returned to stock, sent to outlet centers or sold online through secondary markets.

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WMR has 15 years of resolving compliance issues.  Our team knows how to ensure that your client’s products are accepted at major retailer outlets.  

Complete Logistics & Supply Chain Solutions

Our team includes a knowledgeable staff that is up to date on all of the latest packaging requirements for QVC and other major distribution channels. Our flexible/scalable workforce allows us to be flexible enough to handle your toughest challenges and tightest deadlines.

Case Studies

WMR meets the needs of every client. Here are a few examples of how our services have proven to be vital to our client’s business operations!

Quality Control, Inspection and Shipping

SGD Group


Ductless Fume Hoods

Packaging and Fulfillment


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